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February 7, 2022 Ballentine Community Association Meeting Notes

Board Members: Les Tweed, Brad Everhart, Rick Pascal, Joan Tweed, Ann Stewart Akers, Chris Slaughter

In the January BCA elections, Les Tweed became President, Brad Everhart became Vice President, Rick Pascal remains Treasurer, and Joan Tweed remains Secretary

The BCA website,, has been updated for payment of dues, you can now use Pay Pal.

The BCA became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization when it was gifted an 18 acre nature preserve on Marina Road.

Mo Gabr - Community Action Team officer - Car break in incidents are down. Be sure to always lock vehicles and do not leave valuables inside. They caught some suspects who were doing the break-ins but they may not even be in jail. Some guns have been stolen in the past from cars.

Storage facilities were broken into but the thieves were caught. There were 30 warrants in a few counties in SC.

If you get a call from the IRS it is a scam. They do not call you on the telephone.

We do not have a major gang presence but some.

Commander Tapler - RCSD

A member asked if there are gangs in our area. We do not have a major gang presence but some. There was a shooting in Chapin at a Bojangles that was gang related. There has been gun violence on Broad River Road, 80 people arrested and 100 firearms collected.

There were 32 homicides in Richland County and all have been solved, RCSD has a 100% solve rate.

Commander Tapler has 23 patrol officers under his command.

Bill Malinowski - County Councilman

There are zoning issues being discussed and many details need to be rectified before passing.

2/22 is the next meeting.

  • Johnson Marina Road proposed development still problems with no sewer but planning has voted approval.

  • Farming Creek Road, they are not getting sewer from the county, it would be Blue Granite. Voted denial.

  • Peace Haven Road - This zoning change has been denied twice.

Council members need to hear from the public on issues so they know how to proceed. They need community feedback. Bill Malinowski phone number - 803-932-7919

Phoenix Physical Therapy - Brittany Berlinrut and Ally

located on Rt. 6 and Rt. 76. They treat orthopedic, physical and mental health issues. They help with wellness and physical therapy. They accept all insurance and medicare. They also have massage therapists available.

Brian Crooks - Richland County Planning Services Manager

They are collecting information from communities around Richland County about zoning. There was good input from our area at the last meeting at the Ballentine Community Center.

Richland County is working on a new development code, redoing the maps. He will be having a meeting with Bill Malinowski on 2/8. Everything will be different but they are going by the principles and rules.

RU- Rural will be changing. You can check for more information.

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