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The Story of the
Ballentine Community Association

The Ballentine Community Association (formerly known as the Ballentine Civic Association) was formed to help build and support the Ballentine Community, which is made up of various homes and businesses on the outskirts of Irmo, Chapin, and White Rock in the Columbia, South Carolina Metropolitan Area. We work hard to keep our members informed and aware of all events, changes, and updates that are happening in our area. We partner with local businesses to help grow and build their areas of expertise. Our partners are what make our community great, and we strive to keep those connections strong. To become a part of our community, head over to our Join Us page and fill out the membership form.

Team work

The Board of Directors

Committed to Our Cause

We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our leaders and volunteers below.

Les Tweed


Brad Everhart

Vice President

Joan Tweed


Rick Pascal


Chris Slaughter

Board Member
Website and Social Media Director

Kraig Clark

Board Member

Ann Stewart-Akers

Board Member

Linda Howard

Board Member