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Community Issues

The Ballentine Community Association assists with the resolution of a variety of community issues.
Take a look at the current issues below:

Don't Close Lowman Road.png

Lowman Home Barn Road and Reformation Road in Chapin, SC are at risk of closure, if no action is taken by the community. Visit this website to learn how you can help.

Past Successes

Due to the tireless efforts of it's members, the Ballentine Community Association has succeeded in many areas, including the ones below:

Stopping the Lake Murray Manor Wedding Venue off Salem Church Road

The Ballentine Community Association and a group of concerned citizens successfully stopped the creation of a wedding venue in a neighborhood on Lake Murray. A former mansion would have been converted to a wedding venue, which would have been a detriment to the character of the neighborhood surrounding the mansion. After months of negotiations, the owner of the mansion has decided not to pursue converting it to a wedding venue.

Stopping the "Twin Towers" Apartment Complex on Marina Road

The Ballentine Community Association successfully lobbied to stop construction of two 14-story high-rise apartments on Marina Road, overlooking Lake Murray, which were deemed the "Twin Towers" by Ballentine residents. Through months of negotiations, the Ballentine Civic Association successfully caused the developer to change the apartments from the original plan of two 14 story tall high-rise apartments, to low-rise apartments which are only 4 stories tall. These low-rise apartments fit better with the character of Lake Murray and Marina Road.

Take a look at a multitude of our past successes, from 2008 through 2016, by downloading the Ballentine Community Association Newsletter Archive using this link.

Take a look at our news from years past, using this link.

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