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All Richland County Residents

Richland County has planned for a massive rezoning of our neighborhoods in the Lake Murray area, in particular, this affects the Marina Road and Johnson Marina Road areas. We need your help to say "No" to rezoning. If you don't want to have an increase in density and multi-family homes added to our neighborhoods, please consider signing our petition.

We are planning to submit this petition to the Richland County Council and Planning Committee. Please consider signing our petition below.


To Protest the Proposed Richland County Planning and Zoning Proposal

We, the undersigned residents, petition the Richland County Zoning Board to:

  1. Continue the density (as currently zoned) and continuance of Single Family designations; and

  2. Oppose restrictions to prohibit private property use for recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, trailers, golf carts, etc.

Rezoning Petition: Text

This petition is one of many ways that the Ballentine Community Association serves our community. 
Becoming a member of the Ballentine Community Association is easy, and it allows you to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the Ballentine area. Join us today by filling out the form below!

Rezoning Petition: Text
Please select all areas that interest you, and/or what areas you will help with:
I want a Membership with Voting Rights. Dues for membership are $20 via Cash or Check, or $22 via PayPal, per family, per year.
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