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Community Links

We're all in this together.

Community Links

Our community is made up of many organizations. Visit their links below to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how they contribute toward our harmonious community.

RCSD Sheriff Lott.jpg

The Richland County Sheriff's Department is our community police force. Our Community Action Team Officer is Deputy Mo Gabr.

Image by Ray Hennessy

Carolina Wildlife Center is devoted to the rehabilition of injured and orphaned animals and the preservation of wildlife through education.

Lake Murray.jpg

Lake Murray is one of the largest reservoirs in South Carolina. The Lake Murray Association provides representation for all lake users from the 4 counties surrounding the lake.

People Carrying Boxes

If you are a senior moving into a senior residential living community, or if your family has a senior loved one who is planning such a move, there's a lot to take care of beforehand. One of the major things to work on is finding storage for furniture and other personal items that cannot stay in the home, perhaps due to its impending sale. Learn more about how to prepare for this change, by visiting the link below.

Moving Boxes

Downsizing for retirement takes planning, hard work and time. It involves organizing your current home, donating unwanted items, putting your house up for sale and moving to a new location. Follow the link to learn more.

Image by Matt Bennett

Aging in place is the process of staying in your own home as you grow older instead of moving to an outside facility. To properly age in place, you should create a budget, discuss options with your family, connect with home health services and identify necessary home modification projects. Follow the link to learn more.

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