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Additional Information on Density pertaining to the new Richland County Land Development Code

The term "Density" must not be defined only by the number of "dwelling units."

"Density" must be defined by a unit number & type of "dwelling units."

R2 currently is not a valid replacement for RS-LD, but there are solutions for a special area's needs.

RS-LD page 153 of 1-9-2017 code In section 26-1.9 on page 1-6/table 26-1.9 (e)

Density- 12,000 square foot lot min, 1 one principal dwelling unit per lot = 3.63 dwelling units per acre.

Min lot 75' wide, Setbacks Front 25', Rear 20',Sides 16' side setbacks with 5' min on any one side. Max- 45' High

R2 pages 3-20 and 4-4 0f 2021 code

Density- 3 dwelling units per acre (43,560 square feet in an acre)

Four-family dwelling units, Three-family dwelling units, Two-family dwelling units, Family Group Homes, Single-Family Detached Homes

Min lot 50' wide, Setbacks- Front 35', Rear 30', Sides- 10', Max 45' High

R1 pages 3-18 and 4-4 of 2021 code

Density- 1.33 dwelling units per acre (acre =43,560 sq. feet) Single-family detached dwelling units

Min lot 50' wide, Setbacks- Front 40', Rear 50', Sides- 20' Max 45' High

Three solutions:

  1. Keep the RS-LD

  2. Change RS-LD to R1

  3. Remove from the R2 text Four-family dwelling units, Three-family dwelling units, Two-family dwelling units, Family Group Homes,

A solution is needed for Richland County residents West of Route 6 and South of Route 76 to the Lake. This is a small but environmentally sensitive lake area that is only about 10% of the land in District 1, but very special.

  1. Why We are an environmentally sensitive and confined area requiring special considerations. The unique attributes that exist for the communities surrounding Marina Rd., Johnson Marina Rd., Shadow Wood Dr. & Richard Franklin Rd. they all start with being peninsulas on the lake surrounded by water. That fact must be accounted for before the new codes are implemented.

  2. Sewers Approximately 80% of the homes have septic tanks on the "LET" system tied to an under sized 6" pipe from 30 yrs ago to remove sewer water. It gets backed up now & tanks overflow! How can you increase density without first spending multi millions for a full fledged sewer system.

  3. Water Approximately 80% of the residents rely on a well. City water lines are almost nonexistent. How many more wells or residents can the aquifer support before going dry?

  4. Roads The confinement for residents of these 4 peninsulas is due to only ONE ROAD in or out or boat. An accident or blockage of any kind of these narrow 2 lane roads will totally cut off thousands of residents & put lives at risk. A blockage means NO EMS,NO Fire service, NO School buses, NO to or from work, NO Doctor or Hospital visits. They will be locked in or locked out. More traffic congestion only increases the probability or feasibility of a life threatening incident. Confined residents deserve R1 to minimize risk potential.

  5. Lake Murray The lake must not suffer in the name of growth! Impaired water conditions exist on Lake Murray already. Don't chance a water quality issue by overcrowding. Columbia's lake water intake is in our area. Sewer overflows, more water runoff & more lawn chemical runoff causes pollution that no one the County should accept.

Leslie Tweed - President, Ballentine Community/Civic Association

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