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April 5, 2021 Meeting Notes

Board Members: Joan Tweed, Les Tweed, Brad Everhart, Rick Pascal, Chris Slaughter, Linda Howard

Brad Everhart - President of the BCA discussed dues for the BCA, and what a good deal it is to keep informed of community issues.

RCSD Community Action Team Officer Mo Gabr 803-513-9622

Captain Tapler - Regional Commander 803-587-1838

• Catalytic converters are still being stolen. They have made some arrests but it is an ongoing issues. You can get fined $800-$1500 for buying one and RCSD is trying to get that amount raised.

• Car break ins have slowed but storage units are still being broken into overnight.

• Drivers must have a license to drive a golf cart and they must be insured and registered. Same for all gas ATV's and all travel laws must be obeyed. You can call RCSD non emergency number 803-252-2911 for information.

• Can anything be done about street parking in developments with cars parked across from each other blocking part of the roadway.

• There has been a lot of speeding on Dutch Fork Road from the light at Rt. 6 to the post office in Ballentine.

• We have 800 sworn deputies in RCSD and 27 for Region 4, which is our region.

• Ongoing construction project on Interstate 26. Once Exit 97 is completed, plans are to close exit 91 entirely to redo it. You can go through on I26 through to Little Mountain, the next exit or take alternate routes.

Bill Malinowski - County Councilman

• Irmo has plans to annex property on Shady Grove Road. If they abide by state rules there is nothing we can do if the owner decides to do this. Irmo normally wants businesses not residential properties already developed.

• Guise Road in White Rock - plans are to develop 50 acres and they can do this according to zoning guidelines 1 house per 3/4 acre.

• If anyone needs emergency rental assistance there is a new program - contact 855-216-9198

Jim Hester and Tommy Spires - Discussed the new proposed restaurant

• The proposed new restaurant on Dutch Fork Road - it will be a deli with homemade food, lunch and dinner. Soups, salads, hot appetizers. A civil engineer is working on ideas to prevent traffic problems.

• There are 295 houses in Milford Park and they are trying to keep it from becoming a traffic issue. Maybe golf cart paths or walkways from the new restaurant.

• Brad Everhart feels strongly that a stop light is desperately needed at the corner of Bickley Road

and 176 due to many accidents in that area. We should petition for a stoplight.

• The railroad bridge needs to be redone but it will cost $11 million to widen it.

• Tom Callan is working on National Night out which is in August 2021.

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