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January 10, 2022 Ballentine Community Association Meeting Notes

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Board Members: Brad Everhart, Kraig Clark, Joan Tweed, Les Tweed, Chris Slaughter

Brad Everhart - The Ballentine Civic Association is renamed the Ballentine Community Association as of December 2021. It is now a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization so any donations made to the BCA are tax deductible.

A local family saw property on Marina Road and purchased it with the end result being it was donated to the Ballentine Community Association. It will be gated off to some degree from the public. It will be kept as a conservation area and nature preserve. No home will be built on the property. There will be 1 spec house built near the main road which is not included in the conservation land.

We will get in touch with the Richland County Sheirff's Department (RCSD) on signage to help protect the property.

The BCA will have a liability insurance policy on the property.

A property owner adjacent to the property would like to buy a portion to even out his property line.

A value cannot be put on donated conservation land.

Irmo has tried to annex property on Salem Church Road. There are sewage issues along Route 6, so we are not sure if they will have interest in the long term.

Road problems on Route 76 - work needs to be done. When will it happen? Winding Road is on the list to be repaved, per a member who lives there.

Les asked if anyone would be interested in donating money to get a walking path on Marina Road.

New officers were voted in for 2022 - Les Tweed is now President, Brad Everhart is now

Vice President, Rick Pascal remains Treasurer and Joan Tweed remains Secretary.

If it is decided to have a Spring Festival or Fall Festival. a member advised that we may be able to use the Woodman of the World location for it. An event like this would help get new members. We have not had a community gathering in 2 years.


JANUARY 1ST THROUGH DECEMBER 31ST. It has caused too much confusion asking for dues to be paid in September.

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