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May 3, 2021 Meeting Notes

Board Members: Linda Howard, Joan Tweed, Brad Everhart, Rick Pascal,

Chris Slaughter, Ann Stewart Akers

Community Action Team Officer - Mo Gabr Reports

· Lock your cars if left outside to prevent break ins and do not leave valuables in them.

· If you are going to be out of town, the sheriff's department will check on your house.

· Call 803-576-3000 to set this up or . Having the patrol car in the neighborhood is also a good thing to help prevent problems. Things have been relatively quiet in our area.

· If you have been working outside and in your garage, keep the garage door shut when you are done to keep thieves out.

· Use seat belts when traveling and don't put feet on the dashboard. Doing this can contribute to serious injuries if there is an accident.

Call *HP if you have trouble on the highway or 911 or in the daytime.

Golf carts - Must have a drivers license to drive as well as registration and insurance.

Has there been any progress on break ins many months ago at White Rock and Ballentine? Mo was not aware.

They have a suspect in the storage units robberies.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has been voted National Sheriff of the year.

Bill Malinowski - He will be dealing with the upcoming budget. Should be no tax increases.

· 30 Neighborhood Homeowners Associations applied for neighborhood improvement grants. They can get up to $1500 per year.

· Some developments in our area are not getting trash service on time. This should be reported to the county since it affects the trash service contract renewal.

Nathan Ballentine was not able to make our meeting this month. Hopefully, when we start up in September he will come to a few of our meetings.

There is a recycling event at the SC Fairgrounds on May 15 from 8:00-3:00.

There had been a speed trap on Rt. 76 and 3 people were clocked and stopped going 100 MPH.

On April 5th, someone had lost paint cans on the corner of Rt. 76 and Bickley Road. Some of our members hit these cans and had hundreds of dollars of damage to their car.

What is the sign ordinance in Richland County? This should be on Richland County website;

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