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February 1, 2021 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes:

BOARD MEMBERS - Chris Slaughter, Les Tweed, Joan Tweed, Rick Pascal, Linda Howard, Ann Stewart Akers Community Action Team Officer - Mo Gabr reports

  • Lake Murray Storage has been robbed and others are targeted. If you are using storage facilities, make sure there are cameras in place there.

  • Work trucks at businesses are having catalytic converters stolen and recycled.

  • Car break ins have tapered off recently.

  • Golf carts can be driven on roads as long as the driver has a license and insurance and you have to be over 16. Cannot go more than 4 miles from owners residence. The subject of a walking path on Marina Road was brought up again. To have a sidewalk would cost $1 million dollars. A 2 foot wide asphalt path would be sufficient to keep walkers off the road. ​Mr. Jim Hester has purchased property on Dutch Fork Road near the Ballentine Library and is talking of putting in a high end deli type restaurant with homemade food, gourmet shop, full kitchen. His chef Tommy Spires was present also. He has gotten sewer approval and is working on zoning. Zoning change is proposed on Property on Old Road near Richard Franklin Road. This is a potential issue if this goes through. Staff in Richland County have disapproved this. Contact Richland County to protest this rezoning. A buyer had proposed buying residential property on Winding Road, rezoning it and putting in apartments. This is not in the comprehensive plan and will not happen. There are 15-20 acres on Richard Franklin Road that someone is trying to sell to a developer. Keep an eye on what is happening with this situation. March 1st 6:30 pm is our next Ballentine Civic Association meeting

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