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November 9, 2020 Meeting Notes

BOARD MEMBERS: Brad Everhart, Les Tweed, Kraig Clark, Joan Tweed, Rick Pascal

It was a meeting with minimal attendance of 9 people. Everyone wore masks and social distance in the seating set up throughout the room. The new rules when we meet monthly, we have to sign Covid release forms for Richland County Recreation Commission. This is

actually a good thing, if someone does come in contact with a person who is ill and attends a meeting, it can be tracked. We know that everyone will use common sense and not come if they are sick.

There will be no Christmas party this year (after 41 years) due to the virus. There has been talk about "Christmas in the Spring" where perhaps we could have an outdoor picnic type event. Everyone at the meeting was on board with this prospect.

The "Manor at the Lake" wedding venue set up is no longer an issue.

The Lowman Home Barn Road problem is on hold right now. Many people over in that area are monitoring this situation closely.


There has been a quote for sidewalks for Marina Road, which many people have lobbied for and a number like $1 million dollars has been noted. If that is unattainable, an 2-4 foot asphalt walking path would be acceptable to all.

Shealy Landing had been up for sale, but it is understood it has been taken off the market.

Brad Everhart, and Les Tweed will serve the year 2020/2021 again as President and Vice President due to not being able to meeting since March.


If you need SCDOT Pot hole repair, call 1-855-467-2368

Kraig mentioned that cars in Eagles Rest are being robbed. Lock your doors, secure trailers. Brad also mentioned that 3 cars were robbed in Saluda Shoals parking lot during an event.

The next meeting will be December 7th at 6:30 PM.

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