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October 5, 2020 Meeting Notes

Dues are payable at this time $20.00 can be sent to the above address. Thank you to those who have already paid.

  • BOARD MEMBERS - Ann Stewart Akers, Joan Tweed, Les Tweed, Brad Everhart, Kraig Clark, Chris Slaughter

  • Mo Gabr - is back as our Community Action Team Officer. 803-513-9622 is his cell number

He reported that there have not been as many car break-ins as usual. Lock your cars, if you have guns in your car, take them inside at night as well as other valuables.

If you do private online transactions, meet the buyer in a safe location - not at your home. Richland County has safe zones where these buys can take place. One is on Beatty Road,

If you rent a storage unit make sure there are cameras recording nearby. Thieves break locks to steal any valuables they find.

Don't leave your car running on colder mornings because:

  1. Against the law

  2. It can get stolen easily

Brad Everhart - discussed a storage facility going in at Guise Road in White Rock. It will be only for commercial storage like food trucks, etc. It will be closed at night. They were only asking to rezone 2 1/2 acres.

Bill Malinowski - County Councilman - the county is giving out masks:

  1. Friday 10/9 at Friarsgate Park

  2. Friday 10/23 at the Ballentine Library

They have downsized the widening on Rt. 76. Would be 3 lanes with a turn lane in the middle from N. Royal Tower to Milford park.

There is a major issue on Connie Wright Road near Kennerly Road. Owner wants to rezone a residential area to be RC. This is not a good area to do that, too near schools etc. It has been denied by Planning commission.

Lowman Home Barn Road issue has been quiet, but folks are monitoring this.

Since the Spring Hill area is expanding it would be good to have funding for a Fire Station which is not only volunteer. We need more emergency coverage from EMT's.

Ballentine Community Center - 10/7 through 10/31 - early voting will be happening. This is real voting, not absentee.

The walking path is being redone and repaved. It had major hazards from tree roots.

The storage facility going in on Marina Road is being worked on. They have been having water issues in the Ballentine Cove area where is adjoins the project. They will be putting in a lot of trees and landscaping to hide the units.

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